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The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

I had 31 hours of solo car drive to do last week, (Yes, you read that correctly, 31 of a solo car drive ) so I opted for some audio books. (Usually car rides have kids and a husband so audiobooks don't work.) They are a lifesafer! The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica had a suspensful description (I like suspense.) and was automatically available through the library. It takes place on one of Maine's small islands and involves murder, lies, secrets, and all the other aspects of a suspense novel.

There were some unforeseen twists and turns, but for the most part, I gathered what was "really" going on within the first five minutes of listening to the book.

But since, as I said I was on a 31 hour solo car drive, I listened to the full 12 hours of the book (the second on the drive), and decided to start paying attention to how the author dropped hints and clues so that the reader wasn't sideswiped by the revelation at the end of the novel. They were there, subtle, but not hidden.

It was a good listen even though I "knew," and I'm sure it would be a good read also.

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