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"The Anthropocene is a proposed term for the current geological age, in which humans have profoundly reshaped the planet and its biodiversity."- John Green

I'm really not one for reading essays or much nonfiction, but I heard some good reviews about this (ironic, about a book of essays that are simply reviews) and thought I'd give it a try and expand my genre reading. In this, Green rates 44 aspects of life today and (because this is what marketing requires our generation to do) gives them 1-5 stars (although he is a bit stingy with 5 stars).

I got it from the library and started it, liked it, went on vacation and didn't bring it (no time in Disney to read!) and then had to return it to the library.

I took it out of the library again last week when I headed out east for vacation (and I won't be back in time to return it, so I'll be taking it out yet again so I don't get fines!)

I finished it yesterday, and it was great. Funny, witty, refreshing, with lots of poetry references and fabulous quotes from other books, songs, plays etc. I was sad to reach the end. John Green also does an Anthropocene Reviewed podcast (I'm behind the times and am not quite familiar where or actually how to find podcasts but for those of you who do, you may want to check it out.) The nice thing about his reflections on everything from "Googling Strangers" to "The QWERTY Keyboard" is that he includes quite a lot of research, so not only are you reading about his personal thoughts on the subject, but you are also learning the actual history of the subject.

This is a book that needs to find a place on a coffee table or nightstand,for visitors to read one review as they wait for you to make dinner or get them a coffee. Better yet, maybe in the bathroom bookshelf know.

I give The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green 5 stars.

(If you've never watched any of John Green's Crash Courses in history or literature, please go to Youtube and do so. They are fabulous!)

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