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LIBBY- for online books!

I've been spending a lot of time lately in the car on long drives (think 7 hours each way, 22 hours each way-- you get the picture). Most of the drives result in lots of alone time, with passengers accompanying me for only one leg of the journey. While I love listening to music, listening to books, I can attest 100%, makes the drive bearable and...this sounds crazy when you are talking about double digit car drives...seemingly quick.

If you don't know of LIBBY then you probably don't utilize your library like you should (shout out to all libraries-- you rock!). LIBBY is a free audio book lending site requiring only a libary card. Put your card number in, find a book, upload it onto your device (phone for me) and that's it.

These are the books I have listenened to (in no particular order) over the past few months. I'll be honest, some I didn't finish either because they didn't hold my interest or I returned home before the book was over.

  1. Tangering-Christine Mangan

  2. The Mist- Stephen King

  3. Invisible Girl- Lisa Jewell

  4. The Grownup- Gillian Flynn

  5. Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

  6. All the Devils are Here- Louise Penny

  7. The Girls in the Stilt House- Kelly Mustain

  8. The Saints of Swallow Hill- Donna Everhart

  9. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris- Jenny Colgan

I leave on another trip on Saturday that will span 7 days. I will drive (fingers crossed not made longer by crazy traffic) 51 hours and cover 3,611 miles. 31 of those hours will be with me, myself, and I, and some fantastic books playing via LIBBY (I'll tell you about those after the trip). 2,341 miles will be devoted to listening to books while sipping a fountain Diet Coke in my insulated cup with a metal straw and eating, no doubt (because I just bought a box from Costco even though I know I shouldn't, but the big road trip is coming up and well...2,341 by oneself is a lot of miles!)Cheez-Its!

So, check out LIBBY if you have a solo road trip coming up or one with a friend who delights in the same genre as you and listen together!

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