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Let me be clear, I am no where near retirement, but I am closer to it than I have ever been. Unlike 31 years ago when I walked into my first classroom, I find myself conscious of wondering about my retirement plan, the state of my husband's ROTH IRA. All those things that for the longest time I didn't need to think about because, well, they were another life away, now seem to be circling the driveway. My hands shake a little when opening quarterly reports; I wonder how many years I can stick this teaching thing out past where I thought I would be done, so retirement can be what I've wanted it to be. How old IS too old to teach?

It's strange. This way of thinking.

But, I have grand ideas my retirement (My husband is not on board, but again, at least a decade to get him there...he usually comes around.).

I want to spend my first year of retirement living in twelve different countries-- one a month. I think that would be enough time to feel rested, like a regular as opposed to the non-stop tourist-must-see-everything-I-can-while-I'm here type of living when one goes abroad on vacation.

I know this is big (after all, I did call it a grand idea), but think how wonderful it would be! A full year abroad, experiencing different cultures, meeting new friends, walking on roads my feet have never touched before, seeing sights my eyes didn't even know existed.

So, my twelve countries (in no particular order) are: England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lituania, France, Italy/Greece (Two weeks each in these).

Of course, I'd also be happy residing in England for the full twelve months, but I want to expand my horizons. (as one should)

And of course, there would be day trips involved to other bordering countries, or maybe a long weekend. I'm up for that.

My husband thinks it sounds exhausting, while I think it sounds quite restful. A month allows me to sit and read a book, hear a local band play at the pub a few nights, learn the name of the local grocer. Become part of a church.

There's a lot one can do in a month of life.

October has started. One new month. What will you do with it?

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