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Coffee and tea and pet peeves

I have a pet peeve. And it's silly how much it annoys me.It shouldn't, but it could so easily be remedied that it makes me mad that it hasn't been.

Here it is reader. Strap yourself in for the ride, cover the eyes of your youngest, be prepared to never being able to go back to the innocence that you once held as you watched your favorite drama or sitcome during prime time because THIS cannot be unlearned. It will become your pet peeve and you will see it EVERYWHERE, and you will wonder why no one else sees it, or if they do why it doesn't bother them.

Why on earth can't people in movies and television shows carry around actual liquid in their to go coffee cups? They aren't fooling me. I can tell by the way they hold them in their hands that the cups are empty; I can tell how they place them on the table or desk. The hollow sound they make. I can tell by how they pretend to swallow when they've taken a sip. The no drips, the lack of muted caramel colored spill over across the white plastic cover. The cups are empty!

The worst is when they bring in four cups connected in the pressed cardboard carrier and they go around the room passing them out to everyone in the meeting, letting us know which one is the latte, or the Pumpkin (I can say that now since summer is over) espresso, or the double decaf Hazelnut cold brew, or, of course, always one just black with no cream or sugar (usually the old guy who's been there forever and is happier just making his own from the coffee maker in the break room and can't understand why it has to be brought in at five dollars a cup- mind you when the directors do have him grab a refill from the breakroom in a later scene, he pours maybe an inch of coffee into his cup. An inch. That's not a refill.) The holder never tilts even though when they remove one cup it becomes uneven weight distribution. Basic science right there.

And then there are the teetotalers. The shows where no one drinks coffee. Fine. Drink your tea. I love tea. Earl Grey. English Breakfast (I'm not a fan of fruity tea). But again. There are rules to tea. Number one. It must seep for 5-7 minutes (although no one seeps for 7 minutes- let's be honest), and everyone I know at least puts sugar in it. But on the screen (Big Bang, which I love, did this all the time without any regard for how much it annoyed me) they ask people if they want tea, they take a tea bag, put it in a mug, fill the mug up maybe two inches and then two seconds (seconds is not the proper seeping time) later everyone is drinking. With the tea bag still in! Occasionally one might bob the bag, but only if they are in the midst of some serious discussion. No one ever takes the bag out to squeeze it with a spoon, no one ever adds sugar or honey or milk or cream.

With Hollywood's and television's one desire to make everything appear true to life. With all of their amazing CGI that transports us to worlds we could never imagine, why oh why can't they figure out a way to have some one fill a cup of coffee or a spot of tea the proper way? Can't they at least CGI it in?

Watch for it now, text time your favorite show is on. Look for those empty cups, the limp wrists that don't have to balance four cups of hot brewed coffee at once, afraid they may spill the boiling liquid all over themselves or the office carpet. The tea that hasn't even been able to change in color from the clear water that was poured over in only moments before.

See it and be peeved. Oh, be peeved. Be very peeved.

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