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Kindle Unlimited

I know I haven't posted which books I read over the summer. I promise you they were vast and varied, and I didn't write them down. One of these days, I will become organized in my reading and keep a list. As it happened, I read through 1/4 of two books, before I realized I had already read both of them. I also listened (got to love that LIBBY) to five or six on my daily walks. I don't know why it only occurred to me THIS summer that I could listen to books while I walked! I don't like listening to music when I'm walking (that's a driving thing), and I usually think about whatever book I'm trying to write, but many times my brain is fried and I walk in silence (also good, we need more silence in our lives), but the listening to books...WOW. Game changer (I walk A LOT in the summer- sometimes three times a day.)

But as an new author, I wanted to put out there to all you Kindle Unlimited subscribers...please download Threshing of Straw! It's free. Please download a bunch of new author books and put them in your queue. As author's we get paid per page as you read, and believe, me we are talking pennies or parts of pennies, but it keeps the book on Amazon's radar, which helps keep it on reader's radar. It won't cost you anything because you already have Kindle Unlimited, but it can really help those of us getting our books and names out there.

Thanks! (and I promise to have a list next month of the books I've read!)

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