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The light we lost by Jill santopolo

It seems lately I've taken to reading "debut" novels by authors who instantly become national bestsellers. Jill Santapolo already has quite the resume of academia, childrens' books, and young adult novels, but this IS her first adult debut. (Hopefully my jealousy isn't too overt!)

The New York Post reviewed it as a cross before JoJo Moyes Me Before You and One Day by David Nicholls. I whole-heartedly concur. Man, woman, love affair, different paths, always love.

I liked the voice in this. It seemed effortless to read as if a friend was conversing with you over coffee. Both of you reminiscing over that forever love that turned out to not be forever; however, you still imagine that one day, when both of your spouses have preceeded you in death, you'll get a phone call from Oprah and there he'll be, on the stage, looking, in your mind, as young as the day he left, and the love, THAT love, will still be there.

You know, THAT coffee conversation that you can only have with the BEST friend.

The plot line was a smidge predictable, which is not a criticism, but I wasn't suprised as the story unfolded.

But still, sometimes it's nice not to be surprised.

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