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The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain is southern fiction thick in the historical civil rights era. It is about chances taken, stands made, bigotries revealed. It has mystery and family saga. It is one of those novels, because of its time period, that makes you shake your head, ashamed that people and their actions like that ever existed anywhere in the world, never mind here in the United States.

I actually found it very similar to my novel. Now, I am in no way saying that my book comes anywhere near to this full-time writer of 30 books published in over 20 languages (if only that were my future!), but what I am saying is we touch on some similar topics in very similar ways. Considering I had never even heard of Diane Chamberlain or read any of her books until a few months ago, I find this a little eerie. It's happened before, not with my book obviously since I've only had one published, but you know, you are reading a book and then you read another book by a different author and they carry the same themes or the same settings. Like an author "jinx"- "double jinx."

You won't be disappointed if you read it; I wasn't. And with 29 other books to her name, you won't have to worry about what book to read next for quite a long time!

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