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The Jane Austen Society by natalie Jenner

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I must confess that I am a die hard fan of classic literature. And I must confess that my dog's name is Jane Austen. Yes, she has a first and last name and that is the name she responds to. Call here Jane and you'll get nowhere with her. (I also have Jane Austen bandaids and character Post-Its.)

It's easy to see why I'd be a sucker for any book that had the name in the title.

Unlike other authors who are delving into remakes of such classics, this novel takes place shortly after World War Two in Austen's hometown of Chawton, England. Jane's house, a bad will, the possibility of a golf course- all enough to gather a few townspeople and and American movie star to recitify the situation.When people are drawn together over their love of Austen, anything can happen.

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