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Life After Life by kate Atkinson

I'll admit that this is not one of my newest reads, nor is it a new-to-the-market book. I read it when I first moved out to Wisconsin in January of 2017 and the local library had chosen it for its book club.

This is what I will say: This is my go-to book whenever someone asks me for a recommendation...if you know me, and have asked, you know I'm telling the truth.

This is a book with meat and grissle and bone. Historical fiction set against the decade up to and including WWII, it follows a family as they continually reflect on their choices and how those choices changed the trajectory of their future and the world's.

I love a cerebral read, something that requires my attention- all of it. I found this book propelled me into a different space than any book I had ever read. I read it once and then skimmed it again taking notes, so I could follow the intricasies of the narrative, to make sure I was getting it right, that my mind was following the linear and not-so linear subplots. It's not a beach read, and it's not a quick read, but if you are yearning for something complex, to get those brain synapsis sparking after the dullness and the monotony of the last year, then PLEASE pick this one up. (Added perk...there's a sequel!)

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