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I owe you one by sophie Kinsella

If you are looking for a novel to read out the month of February while the cold still lingers with holiday memories, this might be what you are looking for.

I'm a sucker for any book that takes place in England, Ireland, or Scotland and this one does just that.

It's a cute story involving an IOU written on a coffee sleeve that gets passed back and forth. There's family drama, sibling rivalry, misunderstandings and mistakes.

It's formulaic in its romance; you know how it will end the minute the inciting scene is over, but it doesn't matter. With any romance, we read them because we know what we are in for: the highs, the lows. We know that love will prevail and that we'll close the cover happy and hopeful.

Sometimes that's all a book needs to do...give us a smile and transport us to another country to watch people find each other- to make it work for the moment and maybe...forever.

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