• Kim Catron


"Some castles are haunted by more than ghosts" is what is written on the back side of the cover on Kate Moretti's newest novel Girls of Brackenhill. When I first spotted the cover, I knew it was going to be a book I wanted to read. It's creepy (and I thought it sounded and looked English and such I am a sucker for any book with England as it's setting...well, that explains it all, really.) The book does NOT take place in England,but it soon didn't matter to me.

It's a psychological thriller, one which straddles the line of what is truly ghostly and supernatural and what is simply humanity at its worst.

Fall seems to be creeping in around the corners. The mornings are colder, the evenings crisper. If you are already sipping Pumpkin Spice (I refuse this year until September 22), then this might be the book you want to open sooner than later.

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