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I met Daniel Mitchell many years ago during my MFA program. It was evident to me then, listening to his works in progress, that he was going to be a published author one day.

If you like intrigue and murder and relish outdoor settings, this novel is for you.

"On a fishing trip with his best friend, Mike, Sam Gunther witnesses a brutal crime at the hands of the infamous Stangler Brothers. Scared, he and Mike try to sneak away, but Mike is caught and murdered. When Sam returns to the scene with the police, all evidence has vanished, and the officers appear unwilling to investigate further.

Sam makes plans to avenge his friend’s death, but when his act of revenge turns tragic, he must flee to protect his family from retribution. Hiding in a cave in the Arbuckle Mountains, Sam struggles to survive with the skills learned from his Green Beret father.

Desperate to find justice for his friend and return home, Sam eventually discovers he's not the only one seeking vengeance on the Stanglers. He's soon pulled into an all-out war and is plunged into as much danger from his allies as from his enemies." (Amazon summary)

I promise you, this one will keep you up late reading, and I promise you the first chapter is a doozy!

Support another author's debut novel, and read A Portion for Foxes by Daniel Mitchell.

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