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Wordle...oh, Worlde!

I freely give up the first 2 attempts at Wordle in order to gain my footing. I start always with MOUSE (a tribute to Mickey). It's a solid word--3 vowels! And from watching Wheel of Fortune, S is letter that seems to sneak in to more words than I ever thought imaginable. My second attempt is TRAIN. It clears all of my vowels (minus that pesky vowel/consonant depending on how it's being used "Y"). Again, the Wheel tells me T, R, and N also very important. So, boom. After two words I know, without a doubt the vowel/vowels I will be using, and most likely at least one other letter.

My goal is to win Wordle on the 3rd try. That's the point, after all. Figure the word out in as few tries as possible. My thought is this. If you can get it in two tries, it's just luck. The first word you chose (your MOUSE), just happened to hit. Maybe it gave you three letters and two of them were in the right place. You take your time, plopping letters in and deleting them, and then, as luck would have it, the Worlde word. But the third try is the mind bender. It's where the thinking comes in; it's where one gets to prove themselves.

So, can anyone please tell me what the heck has been Wordle's issue since it was taken over by the New York Times?? Tries 3-6 seem to be taken up with guessing which word it could be out of the ten possibilities. For instance, you've achieved "ould" by the your second try. Well, the word could be "could" or it could be "would." There's no thinking involved in that. Worlde has become a game solely of chance. I can't stand it.

It seems, as of late, that more and more Worlde words are falling into this category. Before I started writing this blog, I googled "lists of 5 letter words". One lists claims "2400 plus 5 letter words." If there are so many 5 letter words, than what is Wordle doing choosing ones that only differ by the first letter?

They could try: adult, award, apple, anger,basis, board, cause, chain...unique words. 8 words right there that are completely different from each other. But no, they now use : toast (not roast, or boast like you typed in for your third and fourth try forever skewing your stats on your guess distribution. How will you ever post that day on Facebook? Nothing to be proud of there.); or they use: lance (not dance, which would be too obvious, or rance, who most people type in on a whim not even realizing it's a real word. Third try gone. Fourth try gone). Teach is the answer they wanted (not beach like you thought at first, or reach that you decided to try as the R came before the T on the keyboard .) Girth is what you thought they would decide on (but it was actually birth and no, you can't use Firth. It comes up as an invalid word- since when is Colin Firth considered invalid??).

Sadly, it's made me not want to Wordle.

Maybe I'll stop tomorrow.

I did manage to get today's on the third try. Mouse and train landed me all 5 letters!

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