• Kim Catron

What is Threshing of Straw about?

"A grandmother who only ever wanted to protect her two little girls. A mother who did the unthinkable years before. A father lost in his memories of the Korean War, and a daughter caught in the middle of it all.

Georgia. Thanksgiving week. 1962.

Macey May Johnson knows something isn’t right when her Mama puts her alone on a bus to her Grandma’s farm with strict instructions to wait to be picked up at the station. She’s only nine and never been allowed to travel by herself before, but her Daddy’s gone and the bills can’t be paid.

And Macey May knows her family keeps secrets. She can feel it in her bones. Her Grandma keeps secrets from her Mama. Her Mama keeps secrets from her. Her Daddy, well, he keeps them even from himself. And now Macey May has one of her own. A terrible one. But which secrets are meant to be kept, and which ones are meant to be told?"

Threshing of Straw is my debut novel that won the Ohio Writers Association Great Novel Contest, and it comes out December 1st! Buy a copy or two...perfect stocking stuffers!

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