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Walking the ring of kerry!

On December 29, a few days after Christmas, I set off on my 124.3 walk around the Ring of Kerry. I've done it before by motorcoach, a few times actually, touring with a dozen or so teenagers and guides to point out all that I needed to see. The scenery spoke for itself: rolling sea waves licking at their white stone barriers, air mist filled with the sweet scent of burning peat, Ireland green grass defying the color wheel, and purple wisps of heather bowing in the winds. It made my heart ache.

I'll admit the view of my walk this time is a bit different. First of all my feet are transporting me at 3 miles a day- 5 if I push it, and the scenery isn't as lush as I remember it. Now it looks more like Greendale Community College somewhere in Colorado, with classrooms, and desks, and one big large table and 8 of the same people, give or take a few depending on the season.

My Ring of Kerry Journey is an online one with the help of my treadmill and and old Ipad my husband rigged up so I can watch Netflix (Who can walk on a treadmill without watching or listening to something???). Through Conqueror from the app My Mission (a Christmas present from my husband), my goal is to walk the entire Ring in 42 days. At the moment it tells me that I have covered 81% of the distance in 95% of my time. There have been a few app issues when it comes to recording my mileage- a minor irritation for someone who takes an online purchased app challenge seriously. After all, I was the one who said I could do it in 42 days!

Along they way I get digital postcards from the towns and sites in the area:Killarney,Muckross Lake,Upper Lake,Derrycunihy Church,Mulgrave Barracks Ruins,Looscaunagh Lough,Moll's Gap (side not- heard a great pub band named "Moll's Gap" one year in Ireland...still have their music downloaded on my phone), Kenmare,Cronwell's Bridge, Cahersiveen,St. Brendan the Navigator Monument,John Golden Monument,and Gleensk Viaduct. I've also single-handledly been responsible for the planting of 4 trees (the company plants one tree for me every milestone!). When all is finished, I will receive a medal that says that I have walked the Ring of Kerry, which will be displayed for all to see in my office...quite an achievement during a world wide pandemic!

I love to walk. It's my thing. Treadmill, paved road, grass, dirt, forest, sand...if I can walk it rather than ride it or drive it, I will (remember to have me tell you about the time I bribed by kids into walking 100 miles with me when they were about 10 and 8).

It is 25,000 miles around the world...but just imagine what I could see.

Oh! I just posted for today...82% conquered!

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