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Life ebbs and flows. As Charles Dickens once said, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." I stenciled that adage (I'm dating myself here, aren't I? Remember stenciling borders on walls throughout your house? Sticking the stencil up with tape, tapping the rough brush into the canister of the compacted non-liquidy-still-not-sure-what-it-was paint so everyone would give a resounding "Ahh" when they saw it. "Yes, I painted it myself," we would all say, as if essentially painting in a precut space was something that deserved praise. ) across the top of the living room wall in our first house. Other people had borders of flowers-- I had words. Yes, writer here. And, yes, it sums up life perfectly.

This week I'm trapped in that sentiment for a number of reasons but mainly because I'll be saying goodbye to my childhood home. The only one I ever knew. The one where I took my first step, said my first word, prepared for proms, took my wedding pictures out next to the birch tree...yup...yup...yup...that one. I'm not ready to delve into it yet, mainly because it's still there and I haven't walked out of it for the last time--yet. That happens later this week. The knowing is there though, hovering in my mind, wanting to be discussed, reflected upon, given its due diligence that it deserves after holding my family for 57 years (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!).

Yes, I'll get to you. I promise. But not now.

I can't.

So, I'll do what most of us do so eloquently throughout our lives when we need a bit of mental respite...I'll deflect.

Costco hot dogs.

Seriously. Costco hot dogs are the best thing since sliced bread. Never mind the bargain that they are. $1.50 for a 1/4 pound Kosher Beef hot dog PLUS a fountain Pepsi! The only thing that would make this combination better would be if Costco left Pepsi for Coke( Who does one petition to make that happen?) and starting putting crushed ice in their ice machines. (I'm aware that is two things.)

Did you know that Costco buys their rolls from local outfits and that's why a hot dog roll in Danvers, MA is different than the hot dog roll used in Maplewood, MN. And let me tell you, this is one disappointed new Mid-Westerner...the rolls in Danvers are unequaled.

I brought a friend once to Costco to "experience the dog." Although a customer, she had never tried one. It was a less than stellar encounter for her. I believe I got a shrug and an "OK" in return for my smiling face, awaiting her gush of joy over what I believed would change the very core of her existence.

Maybe the Costco Dog is like Disney World. If you get introduced to it early enough, you'll sing its praises forever and drag your family there for EVERY family vacation (Note to self: Blog idea- and yes, my family has gone to Costco for a Costco Dog while visiting Disney's Nirvana!). If you come to it late in life, it's a shrug with reasons as to why once is enough. We probably shouldn't be eating 1/4 hot dogs too often in life anyway.

I have to drive over an hour now to get to any Costco, so when I do indulge in the dog, it's a treat. My childhood home is only five minutes from one...

I guess I didn't deflect enough.

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