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It's a Wonderful Life!

Dear friends,

I cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of support over this past week for my debut novel Threshing of Straw. I reached out and invited you to purchase it, to help this dream of mine become a reality, and you did.

Besides the fact that the book is actually doing great (You helped to make it number #1 for new releases in its category on the first day on Amazon!), what moves me the most is YOU. All of you.

Elementary, middle school,high school, college, summer camp, friends, classmates, teachers, professors, students, campers, counselors...the list goes on and on. You congratulated me and bought my book, you posted pictures of it in your hands on Facebook (Even before I had my own copy.); you told your friends to buy it; you sent me pictures of your screen SHOWING me that you had indeed purchased it. (Those made me laugh.) You bought yourself a copy and seven more for Christmas gifts. You messaged and said you stayed up until 2am to finish reading it and that the housework didn't get done because you couldn't put it down. My book; you did this for my book.

I feel a little like George Bailey at the end of It's a Wonderful Life after Mary has gathered his friends to hopefully keep him out of jail because Uncle Billy left the $8000 dollars in the Potter's folded up newspaper (Yes, my all time favorite start of the holiday season movie.) And there George stands as everyone from town and those he hasn't seen in years, those in other countries (Remember how Marty was in Europe?) put down their dollars and coins. But it's not the money that moves George the most. Just like it's not the actual buying of my book that moves me the most. George knows, he knows, what is importance-- those people. Their kindness, their support.

It's you. Your kindness, your support. The true embodiment of the season. I know.

And so, it really is a Wonderful Life.


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