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I take pleasure in the small things. Little things truly do make me happy.

There's nothing better than getting a refill of fountain soda (3/4 Diet coke, 1/4 Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi- yes, I combine when needs must) chock full of crushed ice from Kwik Trip. If you don't have a Kwik Trip near you, get in your car and drive west until you find one. You'll never look at a gas station the same way again.

The fountain soda can also come from Mcdonald's in a pinch, or in the rain when I don't want to get out of my car. Then it's a large Diet Coke with extra ice- always extra ice, no straw. My insultated 32 ounce cup with my metal straw is always with me- I just dump the Mcdonald's soda right into it. And then...nirvana.

I prefer pizza and burgers to cacciatore and filet mignon; a seat yourself restaurant with paper napkins to reservations and candles. I like to split snacks so I can try more things (I want to do this all the time at Disney and my family is so adamantly against it), take a drive just to look at the scenery (always with that fountain soda in hand); and long walks- always long walks. Nothing costly really.

The other day work was a nightmare. Imagine whatever you think about kids in middle school and multiply that times ten. That was my day. We all were weary walking out after the bell rang- none of us were unscathed. Battle-worn and downtrodden, my colleague said "go through the drive through and get yourself that fountain sode- you deserve it." And you know what, I did deserve it, and I did drive through. I placed my order, paid my $1.06, drove forward to the next window, said "no straw, thank you," took the cover off and poured that delectable bubbly Diet Coke into my insulated cup, stuck in my metal straw, took a sip, and...

Well, I won't say it magically changed my overall outlook on the day. I still came home and teared up thinking about my time teaching high school compared to what I'm doing now, but honestly, that first sip did do wonders.

It's silly I know, but I'm thankful I find joy in something so small as a fountain soda with crushed ice in my insulated cup with my metal straw; it means that joy, for me, is always obtainable.

It's only $1.06 away.

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