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The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman lent itself nicely to a quick weekend flight to Florida to visit a friend. I started it on the 3.5 hour flight out, read it here and there sitting by the pool under the lanai, a few chapters when I couldn't sleep at night, and then finished it up on the flight home.

An easy pick up, put down, the plot centers on a British actress names Mia (There is that Brit thing again for me; honest, I believe I was born in the wrong country...but I'll save that diatribe for a future blog post) who arrives in California during Pilot Week. The trip is supposed to kill two birds with one stone for her. 1. Her boyfriend has recently walked out and to save face it's best she "disappear" for awhile. 2. She's an actress coming off a successful period remake of Jane Eyre where she played the title role. While her name is hot, she's hoping to land an American series or another movie. She didn't expect to get caught up in trying to solve a disappearance, navigate a budding romance, expose sexual predators of the casting couch, and ultimately discover a murder.

Needless to say, it was a busy three weeks for Mia.

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