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"All life was lucky if you thought about it, even the sad parts."

-Debut novel Threshing of Straw

Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 Ohio Writers' Great Novel Contest

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through select book retailers.
Over 25,000 copies sold.
My Story

     For over the past 25 years, I have spent my time in the classroom teaching the classics to 8th graders through seniors and enjoying (mostly) every minute of it. Antigone still awes me with her strength, and Sydney Carton still inspires me with his sacrifice. George Orwell and Harper Lee still stand the test of time, and Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre still continue to vie for top placement in the space in my brain that debates with itself.

     For over the past 19 years, I have spent my time loving my two children, both who make me proud on a daily basis for their kindness and fortitude. And I watch them grow, amazed at the people they are becoming.

     For over the past 15 years, I have spent my time writing novels. One was written here and there, in coffee shops and libraries, from stolen hours and borrowed moments. One was writtten as my thesis for my MFA program and then one came to me in the voice of a little girl, her chapter finding its way out of my fingers and on to the page, where it sat for years not knowing.

     For over the past 4 years I have looked out over the Wisconsin cornfields where my husband's job brought us all, and I've thought about New England, where I spent my entire life, and the ocean and mountains that I love and miss, and I'm amazed at what life holds for me, for you, everyday. The unknown adventure around every corner.

      I  hope that you'll continue to follow me on this journey with my debut novel Threshing of Straw that will be published by Bellwether  Press later this year. Because after all, we only get one life, and it's always better with friends by your side. 

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